My First Ever Quilt: Chevron Vintage Sheet-Style

I wasn't going to post this until I revamped our picnic basket, but I'm super excited about the turnout!

Let me start off by reiterating that I am not a quilter, nor do I have the desire to be like the great many of you who are.  I applaud and adore your works and dedication to the craft.  It takes sheer talent to quilt.  I had to preface this post with that notice in the event you look at how wonky this quilt is and thought that I was trying to pass as a quilter.  

{Tutorial} : Simple Cardstock Mailer

I typically make my own mailers for when I ship packages to my customers.  I like making them myself because 1) they are inexpensive, 2)they are totally customizable, and 3) they are always readily available.  I whipped up a little tutorial to demonstrate my process.

Let's go!