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I have a question: although Google Reader is going, does that mean that FriendConnect(?) or the newsfeed on the Blogger Dashboard is going anywhere too?  I should really do my homework concerning this whole transition of blog feed.

I hardly ever look on Google Reader as is.  I typically just go to my dashboard and catch up day to day.  However I did join Bloglovin' a couple of months ago. From what I have seen, I like so far.  I rarely get onto it.  So if have Bloglovin' and you feel so inclined, Follow my blog with Bloglovin!

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I have even added a button for it on the sidebar.  It is the last button with the "b" and heart on it.  Now I'm off to go play around with the new blog feed website!  See you there!


A Few Bad Habits to Break

Because I have been sewing a lot of garments for little miss and for myself lately (more on those later), I started thinking about some improper habits I have created out of mostly laziness and impatience but also out of limited time and materials.

Here's my effort to ward you away from making these same terrible mistakes.  These are in no particular order.


Where Was All This Energy for KCWC?

I have been on a sewing and creating roll here this week!  I've made or done something creative nearly everyday this week.  I've been working on lots of things for my daughter; and though some things are finished, there are still some wips left to knock out.  I updated my blog a bit.  I hope you all like the way it looks now.  I feel it is a tad fresher and represents me more.

Well today I have for you two articles of clothing: one being a pencil skirt and the other being a cardigan.  Let's start with the skirt.( I must warn you; there are a ton of photos.)


Vintage Sheet Storage

Although I have a two bedroom apartment, it's pretty small.  It's comfortable enough, but it could be a little bigger for my taste.  Being that it is on the tad cramped side, it doesn't leave much room for storage.  And honestly I have entirely too much stuff (shoes, clothes, fabric) to have packed in here.

My daughter's room is right across from mine; and in our makeshift "hallway" which really isn't, there is an alcove that is about a foot and a half deep and three feet wide.  I figured if I couldn't annex some space, then I should go vertical.  That's just what I did.


Open-Back Girl's Shirt

You may not know this, but I'm not a fan of strapless and much less a fan of halter tops especially for my little girl.  I did, however, want to make a top (or dress) that was in some way crafted with her back out so that she wouldn't get so hot in the summer.  I took some inspiration from the open-back dresses that have been popping up EVERYWHERE and crafted this little open-back number for her.


Repurposed: From Changing Table to Sewing Desk

A couple of weeks, okay more like a month and a half ago, I found this changing table sitting beside the dumpster at my apartment complex.  I immediately scooped it up.  I saw a whole new potential to this gem.  I called my mom and asked her if she could help me upcycle it, and the first thing out of her mouth was, "Are you trying to tell me something?!"  So after calming her fears that I was/am not expecting another child, I explained to her that I wanted to take it from its current terrible state to this awesome vision I had for it.

She never really did get around to helping me with it.  That was totally fine by me because when I'm ready to start working on something, there is no stopping me until I finish.

The whole process took longer and was harder work than I had anticipated.  That's okay; I like a good challenge.