Embroidery Machine Cheats: Tabs

I don't know about you guys, but I can be a pretty lazy sewist sometimes and forgetful too.
I don't usually like pulling out the iron and ironing board just to press a 2 inch tab to put into a clutch or keychain. To me it's just not worth all that effort.
Well I have a trick that you can use to make quick and easy tabs with your embroidery machine so that you don't have to lug out the ironing equipment and wait for it to heat up.

You will need:
+stabilizer (I used a sticky back)
+scrap of fabric
+coordinating thread

Just a note: I'm using a Brother SE-400. I won't be uploading any designs, simply using one of the pre-loaded frame designs.

Start by loading your hoop with stabilizer. Again I used sticky-back stabilizer so that my fabric wouldn't shift when I attached it to the hoop.

Select an oblong rectangle.

Select a regular stitch. Or for a fun twist you can try out a decorative stitch.

Make the necessary adjustments for your preferred tab: make it smaller or bigger, rotate it, whatever you deem necessary for your project.

Turn your scrap fabric so that the wrong side is facing up. Fold one side towards the middle, then fold the opposite side so that it overlaps the first side.

Place your tab down onto your stabilizer with the overlapping sides faced down. Make sure you trace out your design to make sure the stitches will fit onto the tab. If not, refold your fabric and/or adjust the size of your design.

When everything agrees, stitch out your shape.



To Attach:

Fold the tab in half wrong sides together.

Stitch out the design until near completion. Place the tab fold side inwards along the egde, making sure that the lines of the tab are out farther than the stitching lines of bag. Tape it down.

Place the back over your project and stitch down. Once done, remove from hoop; clip corners; trim edges; and turn right side out.

Et voilĂ ! You have a nice coordinated tab that will match everytime. Gives it a more cohesive look than using ribbon or other tapes.

Thrifting 3.26.12

I know I'm posting this rather late, but I haven't gotten a chance to sit down and type this up until now.

So I did a tid bit of thrifting Monday and lucked up on a few nice items. I found 3 sheets and 5 pillowcases.

The sheet on the left is one that I have in blue. I found two of the sheets on the right. I was so excited to find that one. It has been one that I have seen numerous times on flickr. The only thing is that it doesn't have any info on it. If anyone knows who the manufacturer is, please email me or comment below.

These are the pillowcases I found. Every one came in a pair except for the pillowcase on the left. The set on the right is one that I had never seen before and thought it a pretty neat looking pair.

I think I may take a little break from thrifting. I've accumulated so many sheets that I should probably host a vintage sheets swap or destash or something.


Thrifting 3.19.12

I went to Salvation for the first time in months, and boy am I glad I did! I happened to go when they were having a 50% off linens sale. I rarely get to catch those, and if I do they don't ever have anything worth bringing home. But yesterday I lucked up.
I brought home a total of 4 pillowcases and 6 sheets.

Some of these prints I already have but needed to restock or have a different colorway of the same print.

I love the green pillowcases; they are so bright and crisp. I have a sheet similar to the pink stripes but this pillowcase has never been used. It's still crisp.

I always manage to find green stripes no matter where I am. It's ok, though, because I'm running out of this print. I was glad to find those blue cabbage rose sheets. I love cabbage roses and I love blue. I have this sheet in a peachy color as well.

The sheet on the left has blue roses on it too. I didn't get nearly enough of the print in the shot. I have the sheet in the middle in yellow. It's by a Japanese designer (Hanoi?), I think. Can't remember at this moment. The sheet on the left is brand new too. Still very crisp and very bright! I have come across this sheets before. I wish I could find the pink colorway.

I only spent $3.75. The cashier asked me if I wanted to go back and get more to help them get rid of some of it. Lol. I think I left with plenty enough.


Thrifting 3.18.12

Yesterday I ventured over to Goodwill for a brief moment to see what linens I could find. I usually don't go there because a) they usually have a poor selection of vintage sheets and b) they tend to be a bit more expensive when I can find anything.

I did find a little something though. I ended up bringing home one sheet and three of the same pillowcase.

The item on the right is a sheet. I have this sheet but not nearly as vibrant as this one is. The pillowcases are on the left. I have a sheet in the same print but different colorway.

I'm glad I found these bright linens, just in time for Spring. Besides it's just so hard to find bright, colorful sheets that aren't mostly white.

What goods have you thrifted lately?


Patterned Shorts

A few weeks back I went to Joann's and purchased a few fabrics from the clearance section. I bought a few printed stretch twills and some awesome linen jersey. To me the clearance prices were still a little steep, but it sort of was worth it. The twills had the boldest, brightest prints on them and the jerseys are heathered neutrals.
One of the prints in the twills was this watercolor-like pattern in cool colors. I used it first to test a shorts pattern I sketched out.

I love these shorts so very much. They have an elastic waist because I really don't like fiddling with zippers and such when it gets warm. I also slipped in 2 pockets in the front. They have a slightly small inseam but aren't terrible short.





They design of the waistband can be pulled up and over tops for a high-waisted effect or can be worn at hips for a normal fit.
I just love these colors and think they are perfect for the warmer months. I've been trying to get out of wearing plain shorts so that I can wear some of my solid tops, and this is just the thing to start the transition.
I also purchased an ikat print and a watercolor-esque diamond print in cobalt blue and white. I can't wait to make these into bottoms as well.


Thrifting 3.17.12

I didn't get to thrift a lot today unfortunately. I had a lot of running around to do. However I did manage to squeeze in a few minutes at one of my favorite shops. The only thing I found worth bringing home was earrings. I found a few pairs. Actually I found five pairs but got charged for six pairs.

These beauties are my favorite! I can't believe they were just sitting there. Funny thing is I have been seeing similar earrings popping up on youtube and blogland. I'm so glad I snatched these.

These are pretty big screwback earrings. They are vintage Napier.

These are vintage Gay Boyer. I have never heard of this designer, but the designer seems to be pretty big. I like the 3D effect of these dome earrings. I'm thinking about painting them.

I absolutely adore these as well. These are vintage Napier too. I love the knotted texture.

This pair is also Napier. As you can see I love circular earrings. I love the texture of these too.

I am in love with vintage earrings. And these pairs satisfied my appetite. I'm thinking about turning some of them into rings. I'm definitely going to turn the clip-ons into studs. Going to go clean them now!

Custom Skirt Order

This wonderful lady came to me earlier this week saying how she really liked the girl skirts that I offered in my shop and wondered if I could make her one.
Over much corresponding between us, I finally got a good idea of what she wanted.

So I came up with this skirt. She wanted a 1950s floral print with a ruffle.

It came together fairly easy. The most time consuming thing was the ruffle. I am not a big fan of making ruffles, however I do like them. Good thing they make gathing feet and rufflers.

I hope she likes it!


"Waiting for Spring" Buttondown Skirt

I have been really into sewing clothes lately. And I'm really wanting Spring to come along badly. It actually has been fairly warm around here, even through Winter. So I guess it's sorta been Spring all year round. But I'm ready for it to be official.

So in an effort to update my wardrobe and prep it for Spring, I made myself a buttondown skirt. I bought some fabric from Hobby Lobby awhile ago when I was working there for this actual purpose. I saw a buttondown skirt on Burdastyle right before I bought my fabric and let that be my inspiration.

I chose this coraly, salmony floral fabric because I think it's gorgeous and I'm really into corals and salmons (but I'm not much into red, pink, and orange strange, right?)

It may be a little hard to tell but I reinforced the waistband with rows and rows of salmon stitches. I really like the decorative texture it adds to it. I added tiny little pleats to the skirt.

Like I said it is a buttondown skirt. I didn't want the buttons to be ridiculously obvious, so I chose some wee little orange buttons that sort of blend into the skirt print. I also made horizontal buttonholes just for a little twist.

I handed pleated this thing. That took entirely too long. I think next time I will stick to my gut and use my ruffler foot as I had intended.

The great thing about this skirt is that there is no gapping between the buttons. Other skirts I own have that, and I'm not a fan of my underparts showing.


"Vintage Sheet" Manicure

I know I have been M.I.A. for quite some time now. I apologize greatly for that. I've been busy and life has just gotten in the way.

Anyway I polished up my fingers yesterday following DIY Nails floral manicure tutorial. I only decorated my ring finger with the design unlike hers. I also would have liked to add polka dots to the design but I don't have a dotting tool yet.

When I first saw the nail art, I immediately thought "vintage sheets" and just knew I had to try it out. I added silver glitter to the centers of my flowers just to give it a little something extra. I will definitely be doing this manicure more often.