Today's treasure

I know, I know. My blogs have been kinda boring lately and also very sporadic. I promise things will get better soon. I have tons of things that I need to post and many vacation photos that need to be put up. Anywho... I did find a little bit of joy today after I left class. I went to my fave Salvation Army and hit the jackpot!!. I usually can't find decent owl figurines that are really worth buying; and if I do find one that I like, it's usually missing her head :(. But I did find this wonderful bank today with feet in tact. I'm so happy!! I'm going to clean it and paint it a bright hue and let it collect dust. Ha! I also found some beautiful linens and fabrics and the best part about them is they were half priced and I didn't realize it till I was paying. The sheets were fifty cents and the pillowcases were a quarter. Ah, BLISS!! Anyway. I found some stripes I've been dying to get my hands on, and I also got some cool pillowcases. Well actually one pillowcase was new to me; the other is a pattern I already own. Furthermore, the kicker is that the 2 daisy sheets (underneath the owl bank) were a dollar together, and I had just seen the same sheets in Vegas for 3 bucks a piece at Savers. I'm so glad I didn't purchase them!!  I also found some great teal polka dots. I'm sure I can find a great use for it and I WILL!! Total spent, $5.




So this is my beautiful view from my room: a span of mountains. AND it looks like that's going to be the only thing that I get to see aside from the river of slot machines downstairs in the lobby. I came to see my cousin's wedding ceremony and hopefully not be stuck in a room (which I knew was a slim chance I wouldn't be going out). And I'm going to apologize now for my whining because I'm about to do a lot of it!! First and for most, I hate going anywhere with my G-ma (grandma); but since she raised my cousin, I understand why she came with us. I don't know if anyone else's grandma is like mine at all but this woman gets under my skin totally! It's like everything I do for my daughter she has to try and do it better when we are in public but she is never around any other time. And I finally exploded when we got into town and went off on her in front of the family. I know it waasnt right, but at that moment it needed to be said and I needed it off my chest. Not only is she agitating my mood but because I'm not old enough to rent a vehicle without incurring ridiculous charges I have to pushed into doing whatever my mom, her husband, and grandma want to regardless of what input I try to toss in. I'm stuck here with four days of this and it's only day number two. I'm praying for patience but I don't think it's working. I need the serenity prayer BADLY or someone will be hurt. So hopefully things will get better, but I don't foresee that happening with all of the procrastinators and time-killers I have arrived with. I'm sorry guys; I'll try to post something cheery very soon. Just stick with me....please.



Take time out to appreciate things and love one another.

About 2 hrs ago I was sitting in my computer class typing a document (and looking at blogs and swaps), waiting for my teacher to arrive. Then another teacher burst into the room and stuttered that he needed to lock the door because we were on lockdown. Bless his heart! He wasn't trying to scare us, but he barely got out the words 'There's been a shooting' before dazed looks and mumbles started. He kept repeating it trying to be calm and to make it sound more comforting each time he said it. One woman was shot and killed, one woman was shot and airlifted to another state, another lady was shot, and a poor toddler was hit by shattered glass. All this happened yards away on my campus while I was in class completely oblivious. This made me think seriously and maturely: that could have been me or anyone! All this happened over a domestic violence incident, not even school related. Don't take things for granted, people. It terrifies me that I may not have been able to see my daughter today. I say all that to say this: love your fellow neighbors, peers, associates, what have you; be appreciative for the things you have today because they could easily not be there tomorrow. I thank God that I decided not to go to the building I had planned on before class because who knows? that could have been me out there. Thank you all for your support and be blessed!!



And the winner is....

...Brenda! Hey lady, congrats! I'll be in contact with you so that I can get your package sent out to you. Thanks to you all who participated. I will be having another giveaway soon.