Appliqued clutch

I wanted to try something different, so I pulled out some sewing books and looked for ideas. Well I didn't exactly see anything I wanted to do at that moment. Then I got an idea! I pulled out some denim and my vintage sheet scraps and started cutting. I ended up with this: fold-over denim clutch with appliqued petals. I love the colors of the scraps and the contrast of the denim. It's zippered and stays folded per a snap. It is also lined in a vintage sheet. I am definitely going to make more of these!



A Giveaway!

I'm so excited to be announcing my first giveaway ever!! I hope you guys enjoy this one.
I am giving away 6 - 18"x21" vintage sheet fat quarters in green stripes and blue florals, 2 vintage buttons, and vintage bias tape. It's all neatly tied up in a yard of vintage cotton twill tape.
To enter: join my blog and leave a comment. That's all! This giveaway is open to US only. Giveaway open until Thursday, March 31st. Winner will be announced Friday, April 1st.



Vintage sheet scraps for craftster member

One day last week I was browsing through Craftster's Reusing/Recycling/Recrafting forum and noticed a post about fabric scraps from LexIsSoGrody. 
She was wondering if anyone had some fabric scraps that they could donate, and the first thought that popped into my head was that I had more than enough vintage sheets and I needed to cut down on them. So I shot her a pm and asked her what type and size she was looking for. She gave me a basic size to work with. So when I got home I started pulling out sheets and cutting and tearing and even found some scraps that I already had. And thus I created this stack for her: 12 scraps of 11 different prints of vintage chintz and vintage sheets ranging in different sizes and colors. I hope she likes it!! I enjoyed stacking them.



Finally becoming unselfish...

... And starting to cut up the vintage sheets into fat quarters and scraps. Some of the scraps are going to a fellow Craftster.org member who asked for donations, so I figured I could spare a few. The fat quarters are going into the shop and being prepped for a giveaway I shall be hosting soon. Also I'm cutting them up for swaps, as well, so that I can just pick up some and ship instead of having to tear into my precious linens (lol) at the last moment. What a procrastinator I am!



My fave antique booth

We don't really have a lot of antique shops around town. However we do have this one large antique mall called Angel's Antiques. I usually visit it on Sundays when I'm bored and there is not a lot of anything to do. Well I decided to go after class Wednesday night because I had not been in quite awhile. This one is my favorite booth there: it's called Time to Go!

An overall view of the tiny booth

Some handmade blankets she has for sale

Some craft and cookbooks and other textiles beneath

An amazing assortment of bias tapes and trims

Vintage pyrex and tea towels outside the booth

Vintage buttons along the back wall

Rows and baskets of vintage fabrics

The goodies that I brought home:

4 cards of vintage buttons

spool of yardages of vintage cotton twill tape

Actually 3 of the button cards I purchased from this booth; the card on the farthest right with the five blue buttons I bought from another booth. The spool of tape was only $5 and the buttons from this booth were only $0.50 a card. The buttons from the other booth were $2.50, but it was well worth it!



Items that are ready to go in the shop: 
Book tote, approximately 17.5"x14" not including handles
Double pocket crossbody bag, approximately 6"x7.5" with 5 foot strap
Ruched-front checkbook cover, approximately 8"x8.5" and elastic band closure
I apologize for the approximations, but those are the general sizes that I cut them for. The sizes may vary a slight bit due to embellishments and such.
Anywho I just wanted to show you guys what I have been working on and hope you like!



purse for my little one

purse for my little one by lani5287
purse for my little one a photo by lani5287 on Flickr.
She really wanted a little sling purse like mommy's so I made her one while she was asleep. She woke up the next morning, opened it, and said "I don't see it. Where's my wallet, Mama?" She's too cute. So now I have to make her a tiny wallet to put in it. I almost kept the little bag. It makes a cute camera bag or tourist bag when you don't want to carry much around. It's about 4×6, so it's pretty roomy for essentials.

A Happy Thing

Today's thrift store loot by lani5287
Today's thrift store loot a photo by lani5287 on Flickr.
I'll admit that I've been pretty depressed and anxious lately due to a bad breakup, and amidst this whole situation I have had no creative whimsy at all. Sewing is therapeutic, they say. I agree, but there is a part of depression that makes it hard to get to that point. Anyway enough with the sob story. I recently forced myself to create 3 new pieces (as I am readying to open my shop) and I shall post those pieces here shortly. And I forced myself to take pictures of them. And I also forced myself to go to my fave Salvation Army stores today, despite the fact that my tummy is in terrible knots. Well I'm glad that I went. At one store I found 4 sheets and 4 pillowcases for 5 bucks. And at the second store I found the pillowcase with the bright red flowers for a quarter. ( I already own one, but the former is not as bright and pretty!) Well as I was purchasing that pillowcase, the lady that works there recognized me after not seeing my for months and immediately asked me when I was going to bring her in a wallet. I was a tad caught off guard, and then she started telling everyone in the store how good I was. Then everyone asked for pictures. I was very elated and it has eased my mood up a bit. So she put in an order for a checkbook cover and a tote bag after she saw the pictures. Aaahhh, bliss!!